Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Year's Resolution

I hereby resolve to follow my dear friend, @Ed Wetterman's, example and be a better blogger in 2013! I'm really gonna try to post once a week.  We'll see.

Today is dreary, wet and cold here at @Cross Roads.  The trees have long since given up their leaves. The woods are gray with occasional splashes of evergreen cedar breaking up the monotony.  It is quiet. Moisture is dripping from eaves and limbs.

I am reminded of the purportedly true story about a seedling that someone planted that seemed to be dead. (maybe bamboo, I can't remember)  The gardner faithfully continued to fertilize and water it year after year, never giving up hope that one day it would it would show some signs of life.  Then one day, after about five years the plant sprang to life and shot up 15' almost overnight.  The little seedling had spent the preceding years growing a gigantic root system underground, unseen.  A root system able to support the towering plant that was to come.

Winters can be like that at @Cross Roads.  We miss our friends and it can be a bit lonesome.   But, we know that God is still at work here during this time, even though it's not always visible to everyone. This time is spent fixing, doing, repairing, planning, cleaning, painting, building and renewing our spirits in preparation for when He sends our next guests across the cattle guard.  Yes, God uses the silent work of winter here, and in our lives, to prepare us for the promises that only He knows lie in our future.

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