Tuesday, December 30, 2014


They say build it and they will come. Well “they” are coming more than ever before! So far, 15 Churches are bringing approximately 700 souls to Cross Roads Retreat during the first 6 months of 2015, making this the strongest start of any year – ever.

Unbelievable, right?  Well, check out this link to the Cross Roads calendar.http://crossroadsretreat.org/booking#calendar  Catholics, Episcopals, Non-D’s, Interdenominational Organizations, Bible Churches, men’s ministries, women’s ministries, mixed ministries,  youth ministries and others are lined up and headed our way.

Yep, we’ve “got a tiger by the tail; it’s plain to see”. It’s a good thing that we know that the Holy Spirit is out in front of us on this one. He has shown us time and time again that He sends us the people we need. We thank Him for their gifts of service and pray that you, too,  will consider serving here.

If so, we’ll make it easier than ever, and more fun! The Baker’s Cottage, a cute little three-bedroom house, is now available at no charge for kitchen helpers to stay in or to take breaks in. It has Wi-fi, satellite TV, and comfy beds. If you want any more info on how this opportunity

Most of all, Cross Roads needs your prayers. Please pull up the Cross Roads calendar, read the names of the churches that are coming, and pray about whether or not God is calling you to help serve those He is sending here. Ours is a supporting role to the Holy Spirit, who is the main character. We pray that you feel His call to serve by helping prepare just one meal or two, or that you and your friends want to spend a weekend here in His service.

We pray that you will make serving the Lord through the Cross Roads Retreat a part of your New Year’s Resolution!

Praying for you to join us in a making 2015 a memory making, miracle filled NEW YEAR!

Thank you, we love you and God bless you from all of us at the Cross Roads! 

works, drop us a line, or gives us a call! (979) 567-7974