Tuesday, April 26, 2016



When Cross Roads Retreat was founded, I knew that living onsite was part of the deal and, that's the way it's "technically" been for the last 20 years.

The camp sits on 20.49 acres of it's own property, and my home is 1/4 mile up the private road on my personal property. When you have 20, 40, 60 or more guests on most weekends, somebody has to be here to take care of them at all times. I have been blessed to always be here. 

But, the Cross Road's Board of Directors realizes that it can't work like this forever, anymore than I could run the camp forever.  Jeremy Hellums, the new director, is a Godsend, but while...

He can have my job, he needs his own residence!  

house for the current and future directorson camp property, is required to meet the industry standard for liability, care taking, and compensation purposes. All camps have a member of management live onsite. Plus, the house will free up the tiny cabin for use by our larger guest groups.

We believe you'll enjoy this short VIDEO that Jeremy prepared fully explaining how God orchestrated his plan in the past, present and for the future of the Cross Roads Retreat.  

Please join us in thanking God for what He has done in so many lives through the Cross Roads Retreat and in claiming his provision for all He still intends to do through Cross Roads way into the future.

Thank you, for prayerfully considering how God may be calling you to take part in this exciting step into the future! 

The Cross Roads Retreat, 255 Cross Road, Caldwell, TX 77836 or click on this link  to make an on-line Donations .