Monday, February 6, 2012

Walk Abouts

I've been walking about quite a bit lately.  Saturday morning, after torrential rains pounded the area the night before, two advance scouting parties arrived from Houston to check out the camp.  One was scheduled, the other was just lucky we were there!  So, Pat and I walked them around and through the buildings and grounds.   All went well and we hope to see them back with their respective organizations.

Yesterday as we walked about about the grounds we noticed lots of animal tracks. The rain had wiped the sand clean like a fresh chalkboard just waiting to be drawn on and deer, raccoon, armadillo, and bunnies  obliged.  It was clear the animals were out out and about, too, enjoying the nice weather and probably celebrating the return of WATER to their world.

Rob fertilized and applied weed killer to eliminate burs in the grass the other day, and then the rain came.  God's perfect timing, right?  So, now the grass is greening up, wildflowers are starting to pop open, unfortunately the limbs of the cedar are hanging heavy with the yellow pollen ready to wreak havoc on my sinuses.

But, the good news is - many of the dogwoods are showing modest signs of life!  Some seem to have completely survived the heat and drought, some partially, some are truly gone forever.  I'm still not sure they'll make it, but, I am cautiously optimistic that come the end of March Cross Roads will once again blossom to bless our guests with one of the most amazing arrays of Dogwoods in Central Texas!

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