Monday, February 21, 2011

Gateway Marriage Camp

An amazing weekend with some amazing new friends!  Gateway - Austin brought thirty-four couples to their Marriage Camp at Cross Roads.   They explored dance as a symbol of spiritual unity, communications by working together on the low element team building stations, long walks in the woods, dynamite campfires with lots of s'mores and much, much more.
Saturday night the Marriage Camp leaders decorated the dining hall with tons of candles and Rob served a special, romantic Italian dinner with his scrumptious chicken pasta, a spinach, strawberry and roasted pecan salad, cheese garlic bread, AND..... a one of a kind dessert ... (see below) - a chocolate heart shaped plate, a vanilla ice cream heart drizzled with white and dark chocolate and topped with a strawberry.
We were blessed to support this wonderful ministry of Gateway Austin and hope to see them again soon!

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