Monday, October 25, 2010

Flame of Faith

Last weekend Cross Roads was blessed by a small group of youth from University UMC in Austin.  They piled out of the church van Friday night at about 9PM ready to fire up the bonfire and toast marsh mellows.  As the night deepened, attention waned and the flames ebbed to smoldering ash, they spread their blankets under a bright night sky and watched as clouds skittered rapidly across a full moon.  Ingrid, their pastor, said that as they watched the clouds zoom by they all experienced the very real feeling of being passengers riding on a twirling ball sailing through the universe.  This feeling, this realization of the immenseness of God's universe, was a humbling first for some of them.  

In the early dawn hours a few sleepy eyed boys poked the embers of the fire to life.   Throughout the day as time permitted, twigs, sticks and other small offerings were chunked into the hungry fire igniting random small bursts of flame. As the busy-ness, laughter and antics of the day melted into the evening, larger limbs and logs were added to the glowing coals and flames once again leapt high illuminating the way to the candlelit Labyrinth.

As I observed and visited with Ingrid about their stay here, it occurred to me that the ebb and flow of the weekend was a lot like life.  Sunday morning we pile into churches ready to light the fire - sing, praise, worship, fellowship and to hear into the humbling truths of the scriptures.  Then Monday dawns and the fire is faltering. Our attention wanes and forces mount to snuff our faith flame.  We struggle to maintain, and throughout the week we chunk in a prayer or two, an email devotional, and other small offerings,  just enough to keep the embers alive and spark some random small bursts of flame.  Our Spirits rise with the flaming sun on Sunday morning as we once again show up eager to sing, praise, worship, fellowship and to hear the humbling truths of the scriptures.

I am blessed to learn something from everyone who comes to the Cross Roads.  Last weekend spoke to me about paying closer attention to feeding the fire of my faith every day, every hour, every minute, lest it falter.

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